Real words from real people

During one of the darkest times in my life Mickey guided me along the wonderful path of the Journey.
I will never forget the feeling of finally  being able to let go of the burden of sorrow I had carried for so many years.
Her patience and gentle guidance helped me to move on to a calm and accepting state of mind.
I will always be grateful for her caring, her kindness and her unfailing support during that most difficult time.

Louanne Davidson

The decision to take back control of my life with Mickey’s help was one of the best decisions I have ever made,  My only regret, if I had one, would be that it took so long for me learn about it and to be ready to do it.  I had reached a place close to mental and physical overwhelm, and not for the first time, but it was definitely for the last time thanks to Mickey’s expertise, and her dedication and belief in the work she does.  It was time to get rid of the emotional baggage and negative self talk to make the transition to a new, happier phase of my journey.  I found Timeline Therapy and The Journey work interesting in principal, but I was still a bit skeptical in the back of my mind. How could it be this easy, and how could your thoughts control so much?   As an active participant I have been completely amazed at how my life has changed.  Even if it seemed that nothing had happened at the time, a later event would make me stop and realise that I had, indeed changed.  Letting go is so powerful!  The thoughts and emotions that I have carried for most of my life, or even several lifetimes are not weighing me down.  I feel lighter, more peaceful and much happier than I ever remember being.  Mickey has guided me through the appropriate therapies based specifically each issue I wanted to tackle, in a thoughtful and completely non-judgmental atmosphere.  Emotions and stress I had carried for a very long time have been healed and laid to rest with compassion.  Even other people look different to me now.  It is so much easier to feel compassionate about people whose own story I would have taken on as well as, or to avoid dealing with, my own.  I am grateful for every challenge that has been placed before me, and I am seeing the lessons with Mickey’s help. I am looking forward to taking even more positive control of how I live my life every day with a completely new perspective.  It really is that simple with the right guidance.  This experience has been an investment in myself that has been worth the effort, and easier than I could ever have imagined.  Mickey, you are truly a gift.  I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to make this choice.  You will never regret it.


Working with Mickey has finally given me the insight, tools and belief in myself to change the patterns and thought processes that have been holding me back.  I felt trapped in the roller coaster that my life had become-until Mickey taught me how to get in touch with who I am, and realize how truly awesome I am – that self worth, meaningful work and better relationships are all waiting for me.         Until now, I had been living my life, and making decisions based on fear, anger and guilt-and I didn’t even realize it!! Thank you Mickey for freeing me from these habits and beliefs. Life is so much easier now that the emotional baggage is gone-my head feels lighter, my shoulders feel stronger, and the unbearable “bubble” in my chest is gone-simple acts like breathing are so effortless, and relaxing.          Mickey-your gift of insight, clarity and your calming presence has made a world of difference in my breakthrough.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, for guiding me, and for not letting me give up on myself-you have given me the greatest gift I could ask for-a new beginning.       Continue sharing your gift with others!!!


Mickey did a wonderful job working with our daughter in the Treasure Map Program.  She supported her in learning things about herself and her surrounding situations and helped her to understand her feelings in a way that empowered her to figure it out.  She loved her weekly sessions with Mickey and truly got excited to go every week wondering what they were going to talk about.  Mickey went the extra mile in taking more time when needed and providing our daughter unique tools to help her navigate through situations.  I only wish we had done this sooner.  We have seen such a change at home in our daughter but also in our family dynamic and we are truly pleased with the results!